General Principles and Policies

General Principles and Policies


General principles

Website;; và designed and operated by NHAT LONG TRADING MECHANICAL CO., LTD.

Our service object is all domestic and foreign customers who have demand for processing and manufacturing equipment, components, spare parts, machine parts for industry.

Products and services provided at always comply with the provisions of the Law. We do not sell and provide products and services that violate state regulations in the Internet field.

We are always open and transparent, always ensure to bring customers high quality, stable products, and provide the highest real value.

General policies:

1. Domain Name of Trade and Service Website:

Website designed and developed by NHAT LONG MECHANICAL AND TRADING COMPANY LIMITED with the transaction domain name: (hereinafter referred to as: “E-commerce website”)

2. General definition:

The supplier of products and services is NHAT LONG MECHANICAL AND TRADING CO., LTD. The user is a Vietnamese citizen in all provinces. Buyers can refer to products and services on the website to learn more and choose the most suitable product.

And then contact the Company via Phone, Email, Chat, or directly visit the Company's office for advice and purchase transactions. The content of this process complies with the current regulations of Vietnamese Law. Customers when consulting and transacting through E-commerce website must find out by themselves their Legal responsibilities for the current Law of Vietnam and are entitled comply with the contents of this process.