Quality Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance Policy


NHAT LONG MECHANICAL AND TRADING CO., LTD always puts the warranty and after-sales service on the top of the supplied products. With a team of experienced consultants well-trained, professional service is always provided to our valued customers . In order to serve the needs of customers in the best and most effective way, we cooperate with partners and suppliers with leading brands as well as reputations; constantly improve product quality; quickly and accurately adhere to questions during customer usage. All products are warranted and maintained free of charge. With our reputation and years of experience in the market, NHAT LONG MECHANICAL AND TRADING COMPANY LIMITED always contribute to the success of our customers. We will constantly improve our service quality further and always uphold our excellence in producing and manufacturing.

Policies and commitments from NHAT LONG MECHANICAL AND TRADING CO., LTD are applied as follows:

1. Commitment of warranty policy:

Cases of Warranty:

- Customers purchase products of NHAT LONG MECHANICAL AND TRADING CO., LTD within 12/6 months from the date of purchase (depending on the order).

- The date on the product handover record is conventionally called the NHAT LONG date of the warranty period.

The following cases will not be covered by the warranty:

Expiry of the warranty period stated on the slip and product handover minutes.

  •  Damage caused by natural disasters, animals, insects or humans.
  •  The customer has arbitrarily repaired or changed leading to damage.

  • Damage due to the impact of mechanical deformation, falling, scratches, cracks, warping ...

2. Warranty method:

  • We will make sure your workflow is always kept smoothly in the shortest period of time

During the warranty period:

- Products are warranted for 1 year free of charge at Nhat Long company. For products with large sizes, Nhat Long company will provide warranty at the customer's address.

- For export products, free warranty commitment under the condition that the product is shipped to Nhat LONG company address. The customer has to bear the two-way shipping costs for the product.

Outside the warranty period: The customer will have to pay the following fees if any:

- In the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City: Warranty at the customer's address. 

- Overseas: Our company only warrants when the machine is shipped to Nhat LONG company address. The customer has to bear the two-way shipping costs for the product.

3. Some free customer support services:

  • Free consultation: customers call the company to ask for consultation on problems related to the use of products, Nhat LONG's technical staff will answer and handle problems for you.

4. Contact for warranty:

The company's warranty office is located at:

  • No. 43, Street 245, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: (+84.28) 37250362 – 37250978
  • Hotline: 0906949238

5. Feedback from customers:

For NHAT LONG, we want to bring customers the best products and perfect after-sales service. We welcome comments, questions or any suggestions from our customers. These are very helpful for us to perfect ourselves to suit the increasing requirements of our Customers. Please write to us via email: cokhi@nhatlong.com.vn